How Organic Fertilizer Treatment Benefits Your Lawn Care

If the grass in your lawn appears to be yellowish instead of green, then your lawn care is missing nutrients needed to grow green grass. It's best to consult with a professional lawn care company that can offer the services of organic lawn care treatment.

What Is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic care is used to manage your lawn without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic lawn care technicians use a soil-based treatment method to test soil in an effort to make some changes in your lawn care. The science in this change is to concentrate on feeding the soil instead of feeding the grass plant. In return, the soil then feeds the grass. How does this change come about?

Use of Organic Fertilizer

Organic care professionals use an organic fertilizer to feed microbial life living in the soil. Microbial life in the soil breaks down organic matter into chemicals that grass roots can absorb. The plants then easily manage to produce healthy grass growth. In the event a weed shows up on your lawn, the organic technician does not respond by using a synthetic weed killer. He or she uses an organic method that entails making your lawn healthier.

Crowding Out or Choking Weeds

That application involves crowding out a weed like crabgrass or any other unwanted weed with the use of gluten meal, which is an organic weed control product. Gluten meal does not damage the environment, so it is a winning situation for your healthy lawn and the environment at the same time.

Other Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers for lawn care are also derived from the use of animal matter and byproduct materials such as leaves, compost and manure. None of these materials contain harmful chemicals, and they are not harmful to your family, pets or to the neighborhood you live in. Your children can safely play on your lawn with their pets.

Minerals and Nutrients

Grass plants need a variety of minerals and nutrients that promote healthy growth. Organic lawn fertilizers do contain a medley of vitamins that include iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. These vitamins enable your lawn's grass to efficiently absorb sunlight and enhance soil structure, and they are all natural nutrients. These nutrients help your grass to have a bright green color. Always remember that organic lawn care effectively manages your lawn without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that ruin the environment.

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